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Dr.Prital Desai, M.D

Dr.Prital Desai, M.D

Dr.Desai has extensive experience in research. As part of her work in Public Health, she worked on several research projects in Public Health such as Campus Wellness Initiative, Smoke-Free Campus, etc.- interviewed students, visited different departments on campus and gave presentations on these projects to create awareness amongst the students/staff and know their perspective on these initiatives. She was involved in data collection, data analysis, surveying research designs and preparing reports and presentations.

Her experience involves working on Animal-assisted Therapies in Treatment of Chronic Psychiatric Inpatients. She was involved in conducting weekly animal-assisted therapy sessions for highly violent and regressed patients; performed staff and patient assessment using BPRS (brief psychiatric rating scale)/OAS (overt aggression scale) and VAS (visual analog scale) assessment scales respectively; gathered data and actively participated in statistical analysis using SPSS and SAS software, Microsoft excel/access. She worked on the manuscript. She has worked on research paper manuscripts which were published in reputed online journals.

At a long-term inpatient State Psychiatric facility, she was part of a committee named Greystone Community Initiative (GCI). This committee works in collaboration with several external organizations in disposition planning for the patients.

She has presented research posters in conferences such as American Psychiatric Association, Society of Biological Psychiatry and American Public Health Association.

She has also participated in several multi-center randomized clinical trials as a Research Coordinator. In clinical trials, she was involved with preparing project manuscript at different stages based on IRB requirements, involved in complete patient care – starting from screening, consenting, history taking, physical examination, blood draw, writing progress notes, labs, drug dispensing, counseling on diet, exercise, weight reduction, medication compliance, glycemia control, smoking cessation, etc.