In response to COVID-19, Siyan Clinical is now offering patients psychiatric services via telehealth. While we are still open for on-site appointments, all patients can now opt for a virtual appointment.
If you are interested in booking a virtual visit appointment, please call 707.206.7268 ext.16 or email

Here is some information regarding telehealth:

What is Telehealth?

Tele-health is a method of delivering behavioral health services using interactive telecommunications when the client and the behavioral health provider are not in the same physical location. Telecommunications must be the combination of audio and live, interactive video.

Benefits of Telehealth?

Through Tele-health, you can have real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions. You can treat patients at a place and time that fits best into your schedule and theirs.

Convenient – deliver behavioral health services from your home, office or when traveling
Secure and private – HIPAA‐compliant platform (Zoom)
Opens access to more patients – such as those who live in rural areas or with mobility issues
Simple – connect with patients using your private computer with a camera and high‐speed internet